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At Mejo we know how important the right music is.

This is why we asked Italian and international producers to create the right mood to accompany the composition of our puzzles.


L'Amore playlist

DayKoda, after his studies at the Milan conservatory, develops its own eccentric approach to making music focused on the contamination between electronic, abstract hip-hop and jazz, breaking the canonical standards of the "genre".

The selection proposed by Daykoda was conceived to guide the listener in soft and emotional sounds, to give a sweet background to the puzzle creation process.


L'Incontro playlist

Veronica Maximova is a Belgian-Russian music producer and live performer from Berlin. She has released his repertoire on Voitax, Midnight Shift and Apollo Records (R&S). Her Computerlove album was premiered by XLR8R, Resident Advisor, The Ransom Note, Son Of Marketing and many more. She has collaborated with L / F / D / M, Sieren, Club Mayz, George Stroud (Infinity Shred), Sönder. The selected songs are chosen with the idea of an encounter, a sort of collusion between the parts that come together. The playlist has a downtempo, romantic, dreamy atmosphere, the tracks are memories of a time when Veronica felt alone while meeting different people.


La Crescita playlist

Railster is a Friulian producer based in London.

Since 2000 he has created instrumentals for artists, commercials, remixes, podcasts and has performed live all over Europe. His sounds are inspired by the intersection of hip-hop and electronic music with an avant-garde attitude.

The playlist curated by Railster is a journey between present and past, connecting a wide range of genres and places.


Il Tempo playlist

Ankubu is an Italian producer from Pordenone, where he founded the Ghost City collective.
Experimentation, sound research and the attitude to DIY are the basis of his path, between destabilizing and contaminated atmospheres.

“Il Tempo” is a playlist prepared to accompany the composition of the puzzle, losing the concept of time and space, thus abandoning oneself to distant voices and suspended beats.

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